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Perdeby 30 April 1992
25 years ago


On Thursday, 23 April 1992, a group of right-wing individuals dressed up as Ku Klux Klan members drove up and down in front of Huis en Haard residence banging on drums and making noise.Huis en Haard residence houses black students.

According to a pamphlet distributed by SASCO-Tuks, this is the third such incident in one week. On the previous Tuesday a swastika with the word “BEWARE” was painted on a commune that houses black student residents while two black students were assaulted and intimidated by two SAP members in the Radio Tuks parking lot.

SASCO-Tuks questioned the non-racialism approach of the university as they don’t feel that enough is being done to ensure that black students feel welcome at Tuks. Graham Maitland, a resident of Huis en Haard residence, said that these accounts of intimidation have to be stopped. He also referred to right-wing students who openly carried firearms on campus, questioning the necessity of this.
Moné Dye, vice-chair of NP-Tuks, labelled the incidents as “shocking”. She reiterated that the policy of the NP is non-racist and that they strongly condemn this behaviour. She added that it was a shame the university’s image was tarnished by a small minority on campus.

Image: UP Archives

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