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The Faculty of Theology, in collaboration with the Merensky Library, is hosting a sequence of literary exhibitions this year. These exhibitions focus on important events, people, and publications that are associated with the faculty’s centenary celebration. The four exhibitions are Prof. Jürgen Moltmann and his major works, which is being held from 31 March to 21 April, South African Theologians from 2 to 31 May, Centenary Celebrations from 3 July to 11 August, and History of the Book to be held from 1 to 27 September. All exhibitions are to be held on Hatfield Campus in the Merensky 2 Library, level three in front of the Auditorium.

These exhibitions aim to enhance the theme of the centenary which is a “gateway to”, this theme aims to “ensure that the love of God reaches all”. Christine Nel, UP Information Specialist of the Department of Library Services, says, “In general the exhibitions are to create an overall inclusive awareness of the centenary celebrations of the Faculty of Theology and to inform students from different disciplines about important milestones, researchers, and publications in the field of Theology from the available resources in the Theology Library.”

The current exhibition is of Prof. Jürgen Moltmann, who is an internationally recognised theologian. Prof. Moltmann has made a significant impact on modern theology and made a number of contributions to Christian theology, systematic theology, eschatology, ecclesiology, political theology, Christology, pneumatology, and the theology of creation. According to UP’s website Prof. Moltmann developed his own form of liberation theology predicated on the view that God suffers with humanity, while also promising humanity a better future through the hope of the Resurrection, which he has labelled a ‘theology of hope’. Much of his work has been to develop the implications of these ideas for various areas of theology. your social media marketing partner

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