What to binge watch on Netflix during recess

The first quarter of the year has finally ended. The lectures, practicals, and tutorials are done (well, at least for more than a week). Your biggest dilemma at this point, if your priorities are right, should be: ‘What will I do with the time I should be spending on assignments?’ Perdeby has found that the solution to this question can be found on Netflix. Here is a list of eight shows to binge watch while convincing yourself that you will get around to doing that assignment eventually.


13 Reasons Why

This Netflix original is one of the latest series available. Although it has only been available for a short time, it already has a five-star rating. This series, based on a novel by Jay Asher, follows  high school student Clay who mysteriously receives a box of tapes. He discovers that the voice on the tapes belong to Hannah Baker, his friend who recently committed suicide. Each tape lists the reasons and people that led to her suicide. The gloominess is the perfect addition to a cloudy day of doing absolutely nothing productive.


Santa Clarita Diet

This dark comedy is another Netflix original. It also boasts a high rating and is said to be both hilarious and stomach-wrenching. It is about a married couple, both of whom are realtors, living the dream in California – but then Drew Barrymore’s character turns into an undead cannibal. The couple must find the balance between being parents and finding human flesh to eat and a cure. This series is terrific therapy for the terrible semester test results that still haunt ClickUP.


The Fundamentals of Caring

Selena Gomez fans will appreciate this, but it’s also great viewing if you are in search of some heart-warming inspiration. A novelist gets a job as a caregiver to a teenager with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. They go on a road trip which, in itself, seems sweet and nostalgic. You just need to add a slab of chocolate and a mug of your favourite warm drink to make the best of the situation.


Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

Our home boy is back at it again and this time not on our local BoxOffice, but rather on the impressively international Netflix *gets teary-eyed*. Trevor Noah never disappoints with his humour, but this time he jokes around with our friends, the Americans. If you’re tired but can’t do without politics, this will be a breath of fresh (or deep-fried) American air.



This is a recommendation for the historians at heart. It follows the monarch Louis XIV in his earlier years as he transforms his father’s hunting lodge into a majestic château in preparation for the arrival of his next child. As most modern-age period series go, the number of affairs and dramatic turns of events almost break even with the politics of the show.  


Black Mirror

What makes this futuristic series so interesting and alluring is that it displays a future that does not seem that far away. Social media and technology are at its core, with people being consumed by their smartphones and constantly sharing their lives on social media in order to gain approval. Sound familiar? This series boasts multiple good reviews and, with an almost five-star rating, it is a must-see.



In this South American series, teenagers compete in a variety of competitions that test both their mental and physical capabilities in order to gain access to ‘The Offshore’ which promises peace, opportunity and riches. This might sound like something you’ve seen before, but it promises to be suitable for a more mature audience. If you enjoy the genre, then why not get another dose of it with this series?



No list of Netflix shows is complete without adding at least one series about a superhero and iBoy is just that. What makes this superhero unique is that he is smartphone-powered. While trying to use his phone after he finds his mother attacked, Tom gets shot and a few shards of his phone become lodged in his head. This series is definitely made for easy viewing and with Maisie Williams in one of the lead roles, you have got to be at least a little curious.



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