Perdeby experience: Fly-Jar Comics Exhibition

Every week, Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Ditebogo Tshaka and Lorinda Marrian attended a pop-up exhibition hosted by Fly-Jar Pop-Up at Bravo’s Pizzeria in Pretoria.

Fly-Jar hosts themed exhibitions every month around Pretoria, each centred on a different theme. The aim of these events is to create a platform to show new and fresh artists’ work in a fun and entertaining environment. Viewers are also able to purchase the art on display.

This week the theme was “comics” and artists had to reinterpret the traditional comic style in their own way.

Lorinda and Ditebogo’s two favourite works of the evening consisted of a Trump-themed silkscreen print titled “I just don’t respect her” by Grace Lottering, and another silkscreen print titled “Fuck” by Danielle Oosthuizen. The Trump-themed work reflects the way in which president Trump treats and perceives women, while the second print reflected a woman stuck in what seems like a bout of depression. Both artworks captured the narrative structure and theme of comics and provided a view on topical social issues.

Even though the laid-back environment at the pizzeria was conducive to creating a relaxing Thursday evening and conveying the humour and light-heartedness typical of comics, the space the venue provided for viewing the artworks was insufficient for moving around and looking at the works on display.

We encourage anyone who is looking to view new and relevant artworks in a relaxed and friendly environment to attend a Fly-Jar exhibition. 

Artists who wish to participate in the exhibition can contact Fly-Jar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , while information about up-coming exhibitions can be found on their Facebook page. Photographs of artworks displayed at this exhibition can also be found on Facebook. your social media marketing partner

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