How not to get your car stolen


According to Brooklyn SAPS, the Hatfield area is regarded as a high crime zone. Official SAPS crime statistics for the 2015/2016 period show a decrease in all property-related crimes reported at Brooklyn SAPS, with the exception of burglary at residential areas. A total decrease of 8.7% was recorded between April 2014 to March 2015 and April 2015 to March 2016. However, there were still 529 reported cases of theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles, with a further 1 063 cases of theft out of motor vehicles. Ten cases of carjacking were also reported.  Perdeby has collaborated with SAPS and UP’s Department of Security Services to provide students with some tips on car safety.

Student parking facilities
Firstly, students are advised to park in enclosed parking areas. Free, car-guarded parking is available to all UP students on Festival Street (on the corner of Burnett and Prospect Street), on Lunnon Road (between Herold and Jan Shoba Street) and Herold Street (opposite the Universiteitsoord church). However, these parking areas tend to fill up quickly.
Secondly, students are encouraged to use the park and ride facility from the LC de Villiers sports campus to the Hatfield Campus. The service runs on weekdays from 06:45 to 18:45. Park and ride facilities are also available from the Groenkloof, Mamelodi, and Prinshof campuses.
Another option is paid undercover parking in the Engineering 3 parkade. The parkade accommodates approximately 600 vehicles and can be accessed via UP’s University Road entrance.

SAPS safety tips
According to SAPS safety awareness for vehicles, the following are some good safety practices:

  • Ensure all windows and doors of vehicles are closed and locked
  • Park vehicles in well-lit areas at night
  • If a stranger wants to talk to you while you are in your vehicle, don’t open your window wide – “only 5cm is enough to have a discussion”
  • Gear locks are highly advisable as they are affordable and a very effective anti-theft device
  • Keep all valuables (handbags, laptops, etc) out of sight and in the vehicle’s boot, if possible
  • Remove detachable radios and other devices such as GPS units when leaving your car
  • Parking lots with parking attendants are the best option
  • If no parking is available in parking lots, park in locations that are well-lit, populated, and away from bushes and buildings where offenders may be hide your social media marketing partner

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